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MRX Class Rules 

1. Crew numbers

a) Serious MRX match racing (Nationals/Feeder/Grade2 Event); 5 crew, or as stipulated by sailing instructions;

b) Owners MRX match racing; maximum 6,

c) Wednesday night races; maximum 6,

d) Tuesday night ladies races; maximum 7 + 1 observer sitting behind the skipper (NB – this observer can be male orfemale, however,irrespective of sex, they still may not touch any ropes on the boat, they are not an active crew member).

e) Sprints; maximum 6

f) Winter Series maximum 6.

g) Chartered Event (as per sailing instructions); maximum 8

h) Rum Race/Corporate Charter; maximum 8


2. User


The User shall either be an Owner of the MRX or a member of the Owner’s immediate family – husband or wife or long term partner, parent, sibling or child of the owner.


3. Driver


The Driver of each MRX shall be a User. The Driver of each MRX shall be the sole driver(s) / person(s) in charge of the boat onthe water unless:

a) The Driver is approved by the MRX Owners Committee

b) The MRX is out for Charter and Competent Sailorsapproved by MRX Yachting are driving

c) The owner is present and a regular and active part of the crew in another position.

d) Where an owner is not present; he/she may delegate, in exceptional circumstances, 1 crew member as driver and must notify MRX Yachting. This is to cover the situation where an owner is temporarily unable to helm (say) due to illness, business or travel commitments.

e) The fleet has been hired by a Yacht club to hostan event and entrants are the drivers.


4. Charter of MRX yachts


Where a Driver is not a User or a Driver approved by the MRXOC it is a Charter and must be directed to MRX Yachting and approved and organised by the Fleet Manager / MRX Yachting. This ensures MSA guide lines are followed and that the MRX’s and hirers are insured and appropriate agreements, hire fees, damage deposits and insurance terms are obtained.


5. Sail selection


A sail selection card is onboard on each MRX and states which sails should be used for each different event (laminated and affixed to bulkhead).

a) Failure to comply while racing will render the boat subject to protest and disqualification and incur a fee of $100 imposed bythe fleet manager/owner committee.

b) Failure to comply while training (i.e. using race sails) will incur a penalty fee of $100.

c) All skippers, by taking a MRX into the start sequence and continuing to race, shall be deemed to be aware of the sail

selection card. Ignorance of or non reading of the card is not an excuse in the protestroom.


6. Sheeting of sails


a) CROSS SHEETING; of the Genoa sheets is not allowed as the directed strain of the sheet is placed on the wrong side on                               the winch, which can cause failure of the winch. Cross sheeting is a protestable offence.

b) OUTBOARD SHEETING; of the genoa is NOT PERMITTED- the use of outboard sheet or barbarhaulers or sheet other than through the genoa car positions is a protestable offence.

c) VANG SHEETING; Vang sheeting shall not be effected through the use of a winch attached to the vang or any rope attached to the vang.


7. Poling of head sails.


Poling out of head sails (#1 and #2 genoas) to windward is permitted when spinnakers cannot be carried. Poling to leeward is permitted, provided it is not a class racing event (ie permitted in rum racing where MRXs are in a mixed fleet).


8. Positioning of/modification to supplied equipment


The owner/hirer shall NOT modify any equipment set up on the MRX by (for example) omitting purchases from system, removing fittings or modifying or adding fittings. The MRX yacht shall be sailed in the form it is supplied in. Any modification of equipment is subject to protest.


9. Duty of Care:


Owner/hirer is required to take proper care of the yacht during their use. The yacht is to be returned in a clean condition. The Owner/hirer is required to report any damage to yacht to MRX Yachting within 24 hoursof return (including pre-existing damage). Owner/hirer is liable to pay anycost to clean and repair the yacht, which is not covered by insurance. Discretion as to insurance claims rests with MRX Yachting.


10. Usage of yacht by owner:


Owner’s usage shall specifically include and exclude: Include - Wednesday night racing / Tuesday night racing / Sprints / RNZYS or other Club harbour races / Owners match racing / ApprovedRNZYS or other club passage races / Rum races / Cruising races / Cruising. Exclude - Gold cup / Coastal Classic / Two-handed races outside harbour Round Gt Barrier Island races.


11. Requests of MRX Yachting: 


Owners/hirers shall comply with all reasonable requests of Fleet Manager, including but not limited to:

a) Use/selection of sail combinations for racing prior to leaving the dock;

b) Use/non use of boats in excess wind conditions.

Fleet Racing - Boats may not be used in conditions where the average wind speed is over 25 knots or gusts are in excess of 30knots at Bean Rock.

Match Racing – Boats may not be used where the average wind speed is above 25 knots for 4 minutes Number 1 Genoas must not be used when the average wind speed is above 16 knots for 4 minutes in either Fleet or Match Racing


12. Process for dealing with non-reported damage (refer also owner agreement):

a) Fleet manager identifies damage (unreported);

b) Fleet manager advises owner committee;

c) Committee contact owner and seek explanation;

d) Committee decide as to approach to billing and instruct fleet manager who to bill;

e) Decision is final and binding on fleet manager and owner


13.Yacht Clubs


These class rules shall be provided to yacht clubs running MRX fleet racing and shall be referred to in their sailing instructions and shall be binding on competitors and a breach shall be protestable (Clubs: RNZYS, PCC, RYC, RAYC). 

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