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How does it work? 

There are 11 MRX yachts that are managed by MRX Yachting Ltd. MRX Yachting Ltd is owned by all the boat owners in proportion to the percentage of the fleet each owns. 

MRX Yachting manages maintenance on the boats and all costs such as berthage, insurance, replacement sails, antifouling, engine servicing... even topping up the diesel tank. Owners are not permitted to modify the boats. This management model is the key to the success of the boats and keeping them identical as well as minimising costs. The annual management fee is split into quarterly payments which is split between Owners based on percentage of shareholding.

Each boat has somewhere between 1 and 6 owners. It is highly advisable to discuss with the Fleet Manager when buying a share of a boat to ensure the best compatibility with existing owners. There are two different but successful models...
1.) Each Owner has a series allocated where they can use the boat with their own crew. For example Owner A does the MRX Sprints, Owner B does the Women's Series, Owner C does Wednesday night racing and Owner D goes Rum Racing.
2.) All Owners sail together and alternate roles onboard for different series. This also helps with finding crew.

MRX Yachting also coordinates Corporate Events and Charters... so there will be times when the fleet is unavailable, but there will also be opportunities for owners to participate in these events which can be a lot of fun. Charter income helps in reducing costs for the owners. Boats will be available for owners use at least 200 days per year.

Why buy a share of a MRX?

Most owners buy into a MRX for the unbeatable identical one design racing. There is no other fleet that comes close for fairness between boats. Being a managed fleet there can be no "arms race" or "chequebook racing"
MRX's also appeal to those who are either time poor or new to boat ownership/unsure about maintenance. You just walk on and go sailing!
With the efficiencies of bulk purchasing, sponsorships and charters MRX's are very cost effective compared to owning other keelboats. 

Who do I contact for more information about any boats available?

Contact the Fleet Manager  
Cameron Thorpe  
p 021 679125


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